Besana Italy

Besana UK

Chocolate Factory, Ogliastro Cilento, Italy

Besana Italy

The Besana Group still operates from their historic offices and main production plant in San Gennaro Vesuviano, near Naples. This plant is among the most innovative and technically advanced in Europe, for nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

A new 10,000sqm logistic center and storage area is located at Interporto Nola, close to the production site. Besana's storage areas are equipped with the latest logistic technology and new high-speed trains from Interporto to many EU countries allow Besana to reduce truck traffic and improve their carbon footprint.

Besana UK

Besana UK Limited is particularly important within the Besana Group. Established in the late 1980’s and located close to London (in a favourable logistic position for Felixstowe), Besana UK is one of the largest players in the UK market.

Equipped with advanced packaging solutions, pasteurisation and logistic technology, Besana UK distributes products to multiple retailers throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

Besana Plant, Ogliastro

Besana's chocolate factory, Vittoria Chocolatery, was established in 1986 in Ogliastro Cilento in the Campania region. The factory specialises in chocolate coating, forming and flavouring, working with nuts, dried fruit and seeds, as well as customised and artisanal products.

In 2010 the Besana Group acquired 100% of the shares and in 2012 established the company name Besana Chocolate Plant, Ogliastro Cilento.

The factory has a surface area of 6,500sqm (2,000sqm covered) and employs 80 highly skilled and experienced employees. It has a yearly production capacity of approximately 1,000 tonnes of finished product. Top quality chocolate products include: conventional, organic, gluten-free and UTZ certified.

Vittoria Chocolatery is a co-packer with the largest confectionery organisations and a supplier of the top European private labels.