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BESANA GROUP at MACFRUT 2017 in Rimini

The Macfrut 2017 exhibition has taken place for the third year in Rimini but is back to its historical dates in May, and namely from 10th to 12th May 2017 on the amazing Adria coast.


The fair is expanding year after year and opening up more and more towards international exposers, coming also from other continents like Africa, thus becoming increasingly a MUST for the fruit and vegetable sector. In the 2017 edition in particular the programme included technical-scientific events, and there was a huge agricultural section not only for the mechanical and logistical part (as in the history of the exhibition) but with an expert eye on agronomic aspects.

The BESANA GROUP could not miss out from such an important meeting point and has welcomed many guests at its own booth.

Have a look into the official video and realize the exciting spirit of Macfrut 2017.


The Besana Group at the INC Congress in India

The XXVIth World Congress of INC (19-21 May 2017) is just finished in Chennai in Southern India, hosted in the magnificent venue of the ITC Grand Chola Hotel .

As every year, Pino and Riccardo Calcagni were among the principal players in the numerous Round Tables. As one of the first events in the morning of 19/05 Riccardo Calcagni has chaired the Dried Fruit session and was then among the panelists for Italy in the appointment on Hazelnuts. Pino Calcagni, Vice President and Chair of its Scientific Committee is one of the drivers of the organization from its foundation. He was present for Pine Nuts and Pistachios and lead the Scientific Seminar, crucial event to report on the INC engagements for food safety, nutrition and consumer protection.

The programme was rich and exciting for the nearly 1,000 delegates coming from all over the world. The event has its amazing conclusion with the usual Gala Dinner yesterday night 21/05.

We will soon diffuse more details and pictures of this world event.

Tree Nut Production



Tree Nut Production to Increase by 5.77% in 2016-17 Season; Dried Fruit by 4.41%


The INC has released its latest Global Statistical Review with production trends for almonds, Amazonia (Brazil) nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, dates, dried apricots, dried figs, prunes, raisins, sultanas and currants for 2016-17.


December 2016. In the 2015/16 season, world tree nut production has been estimated at 3.80 million metric tons, and the forecast for 2016/17 is expected to reach 4.02 million MT, a 5.77% growth in worldwide production. These data refer to figures on a kernel basis, except for pistachios, which are in-shell basis. Pistachios appear to be the crop which will experience the biggest increment this season. The forecast points to a 34% growth in pistachio production, up to 703,700 MT. The US is foreseen to be the world’s largest pistachio producer with 363,000 MT.


World peanut production, including the amount that is afterwards processed into peanut oil, has been forecast at 41.26 million MT, up 1.83% from the 2015/16 season crop of 40.52 million MT (in-shell basis). World production excluding crushing for oil is expected to account for approximately 24 million MT. In 2016, China and India, the largest producers, have increased peanut acreage by 15% and 28% respectively.


The estimated world production of dried fruit in 2015/16 reached more than 2.7 million MT. A 4.41% production growth has been forecasted for the 2016/17 season, to reach up to approximately 2.9 MT. In relative terms, dried apricots and sweetened dried cranberries are expected to register the greatest growth (12% each), being the US the world’s largest producer of both.


The top three producers of tree nuts and dried fruits are the US, Turkey and China. As California, the world’s leading almond producer, faced fourth consecutive years of historic drought, superior economics of almonds attracted new plantings. Likewise, California’s pistachio and walnut industries have witnessed increases in planted areas. As for raisins, despite the drought, most growers have managed successfully to use water resources more efficiently. Regarding China, currently leading walnut production along with the US, crop forecasts are very promising for the coming years, given the introduction of premium high yielding varieties. With reference to Turkey, it is the number one producer of hazelnuts, dried apricots, dried figs and dried grapes in 2016/17. This season, the Turkish hazelnut crop has been forecast at 250,000 MT, plus a carry-over of 67,500 MT, the total supply is forecast at 317,500 MT, accounting for 70% of world supply.




World Nut and Dried Fruit Production

2016/17 Forecast (MT)















Brazil Nuts


Pine Nuts


Tree Nuts1




Raisins, Sultanas & Currants


Table Dates




Dried Cranberries3


Dried Apricots


Dried Figs


Dried Fruits


1Kernel basis, except pistachios which are in-shell basis.

2In-shell basis. Peanuts crushed for oil production not included.

3Sweetened dried cranberries. Data available from 2013 onwards.

Source: INC International Nut and Dried Fruit Council.



About the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council


INC members include more than 700 nut and dried fruit sector companies from over 70 countries. INC is the leading international organization regarding nuts and dried fruit health, nutrition, statistics, food safety, international standards, and regulations.

The NUT Dossier

Travel Notes of a Nut Voyager: A good outlook for Italy
Pino Calcagni
President of Besana Group – Naples/Italy free translation from Italian
Having now piled up over 50 years of experience in nuts and dried fruit I feel in a position to ask myself a few questions: We have been among the leading and most important countries within the Mediterranean basin and Europe and are now gradually disappearing, although the sector worldwide is flourishing and well supported by the markets...

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Tradizione Italiana


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