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Agreement between UniCredit and Besana to support the production chain of hazelnuts in Italy and abroad

UniCredit finances the development of the BISC Network project - "Besana International Supply Chain" with 2 million euros. The agreement on Agro-Food Supply Chains has been signed to support the Italian hazelnut production chain

Naples, 8 May 2018 - UniCredit and the Besana Group, a leading company in Italy in the production, processing and marketing of hazelnuts and nuts in general and dried fruit, signed an agreement and finalized a 2 million euro financing operation aimed at supporting the Italian and foreign production chain of hazelnuts, almonds, nuts and dried fruit, with the aim of increasing the penetration capacity of the company together with the participating companies on the national and international market.

The Besana Group, whose history dates back to 1921 with the foundation of the company "Emilio Besana & Co." in San Gennaro Vesuviano (near Naples), is today owner of several production sites in Italy and abroad, for an annual volume of 42 thousand tons of nuts and dried fruit and a turnover of about 190 million euros, with a consolidated position on foreign markets which represent 90% of turnover.

The 2 million euro credit line, granted by UniCredit, has the scope to support the development of the BISC Network project - "Besana International Supply Chain" - which envisages the development of an international "procurement" network and a supply chain quality control among the Besana Group's foreign companies (Besana SpA, Besana UK and Besana International), with the aim of supporting the process of purchasing "premium" quality raw materials and services from foreign suppliers, in order to improve profitability, as well as quality and efficiency in the cultivation of raw materials, and to encourage crops in areas with a strong productive vocation, especially in Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Hungary, and Croatia).

The loan transaction was coordinated by the Campania North Corporate Area of UniCredit with the guarantee of SACE, who together with SIMEST form the export and internationalization hub of the CDP Group.

In addition, UniCredit, recognizing the potential of the supply chains for the Italian production system, and in order to build up a network of qualified suppliers in the area, able to support the growth process of the Besana Group in terms of quality and organization, has signed with the Campanian company the agreement on Agro-Food Supply Chains. The project realized by UniCredit addresses the specificity of the production process through a dedicated model that starts from the identification of characteristics typical of the relationship between the lead company (hub) and the lending companies (spoke), in order to identify the needs of the companies involved. This is made possible also through the exchange of information between the lead company and the bank regarding the analysis of the production process and the role of its contributors.

The plan includes the offer of short, medium and long-term financing products tailored to specific needs, with the aim of encouraging the growth of the entire production sector, both national and regional. Finally, the agreement also gives members the opportunity to access training plans, with a program of free of charge courses dedicated to those who want to implement their knowledge on any banking and finance, export or internationalization topics.

"The full control of the supply chain is the pre-condition for a real generation of value for the Group - explains the President of the Besana Group, Giuseppe Calcagni - and the development of research and development activities on this front are the main strategic element to be guarded".

"We have an important program of technological investments continues the CEO of the Besana Group, Riccardo Calcagni - alongside training activities and growth of the Group's human capital, to maintain at high level the know-how in the supply chain activities and to allow a correct combination of Italian know-how and the growth potential of global procurement. The planned supply chain controls, in fact, allow the achievement of the highest quality of the raw material in compliance with the principles of product healthiness and ethical cultivation techniques, which are primary values for our Group"

The agreements signed between UniCredit and Besana will allow the company to increase revenues and improve overall profitability, as well as further strengthen its position as a leader in Italy and as a player with a strong international focus. Over the next three years, the Besana Group expects revenues to grow by about 50%, an increase in production of 30% and an increase in employment of 25 units, of which 23 in Campania, with positive effects for the entire supply chain of the Italian food chain of hazelnut production, expected to grow by 10% in 2018.

With the new Agro-Food Supply Chain Project, UniCredit – who have been supporting the development of Italian agro-food sector and who in the last two years have provided to the sector New Finance more than 3.6 billion euro at national level – continue their commitment to the economy of the territory.

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Besana Group - Office

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Official Opening of the INC Congress in Sevilla

This morning the XXXVIIth Nut and Dried Fruit Congress officially opens at the FIBES Congress Centre in Sevilla.
Nearly 1,500 participants from all over the world are coming together to attend this yearly event for an update on the most recent market news, to negotiate business and discuss the most important scientific research studies regarding health topics and agro-industrial outlooks.
A big team of Besana Group has travelled over the Spain to feel during these 3 days the pulse of the sector.





World leader in nuts and dried fruit, the Group illustrates a model of integrated development, aimed at enhancing production on a partnership base. Investments for 2 million euros are in place.

(San Gennaro Vesuviano/Naples, 8 May 2018) Increase the production of quality nuts and thus favor the development of an agricultural economy in the supply chain: Besana, a world leader in the processing and marketing of nuts and dried fruit, presents at Macfrut 2018 an innovative model of internationalization.
The goal is to enhance the cultivation of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, creating a supply chain project with the producers in Central Europe and Central Asia, areas where the soil and climatic characteristics allow the crops to perform at their best.
The ambitious project, which foresees an investment of 2 million euros, has seen its kick-off already 3 years ago, thanks to the knowledge of the varietal characteristics of the cultivars identified by the Besana Group in almost 100 years of activity and, in first person, by the President Giuseppe "Pino" Calcagni in his long experience in the nut sector.
"The goal of the project is to increase the production of nuts, favoring the diffusion of valuable cultivars - says Pino Calcagni - The project also has very important social implications, such as the growth of poorly developed areas and the introduction of modern agricultural technologies among the local populations".

The Besana International development project is divided into several phases. The young plants of hazelnut, almond and walnut trees are multiplied by micro-propagation or grafting in important Italian and Spanish nurseries. The plants are then sent to three centers specialized in hardening, from which they are distributed to the European and Asian producers who participate in the project.
The Besana Group provides partners with technical assistance and support in the construction of irrigation systems, as well as consultancy on mechanization, which is fundamental for this type of agriculture.
With a view to cultivate plants suitable for the environment, in 2017 the Besana Group inaugurated in Kazakhstan three fields of varietal comparison of walnuts and hazelnuts. In these fields varieties originating from Europe, America and Asia were compared.
"In the past only the consumer products spoke for us, with market proposals that for several years now have seen us at the top in the retail market and industry - concludes the President – but from now on it will also be the model of integrated supply chain international to stand out. The partnership project we have set up is a new way of doing business: Starting from the selection of the cultivars, through the modernization and the support of the agricultural activity, up to the marketing of the product all over the world. A unique development project that valorizes all partners involved, for a final product with high added value ".

Besana Group
The history of Besana has its roots in 1921 and since then has been steered always by the same family. The founder Emilio was followed by his brother Vincenzo and his nephew Giuseppe, up to the fourth generation of today, where Pino works side by side with his son Riccardo and his daughter Vittoria. Today Besana, whose headquarter has always been in San Gennaro Vesuviano (near Naples), operates in five continents, importing raw materials from 30 countries and processing annually 42,000 tons of dried fruit, dried fruit and seeds. The Group is one of the founding members of AlmaverdeBio, the first organic brand in Italy. In 2017, Besana's turnover reached 190 million euros, up 15% on previous years.

Beyond expectations. Beyond just nuts.


Pino Calcagni with a new surprise.
Yesterday at Caspian University in Almaty (Kazakhstan) his second Lectio (we remind that for the first master lection he was awarded with the Laurea Honoris Causa).

Neither on hazelnuts or walnuts nor on dried fruit, but on the ‘Annurca’ apple!
A short chat with experts of the sector, combined with his 60 years of activity and experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, was enough to present brilliantly this precious Italian apple variety to an audience of professionals.
Spreading on the history of the cultivar, it has made an arc on the production of the ‘Annurca’ apple, from the past with manual methods to the modern era where advanced technologies allow an easier cultivation and a superior quality.
There are no limits for the passion in spreading the knowledge of Grown in Italy produce in the world, always with the aim of creating conditions in new countries, and especially in lands considered too cold and therefore unpromising for important crops, for production not only of dried fruit but, as we see today, also of fresh fruit.
For the Besana Group it is a matter of pride and confirms our ever-increasing openness towards the whole fruit and vegetable world.mela3



Tradizione Italiana


Tradizione Italiana


Almaverde organic

Almaverde bio

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