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The Besana Group is glad to present the now logo of its chocolate factory.


Vittoria Chocolatery, already since the 80’s, has been specializing in high quality chocolate creations, enriched with nuts, dried fruit, berries, raisins, etc.

The production plant in Ogliastro Cilento (in the South of the Campania region) represents a marriage between tradition and innovation. The site is managed by Vittoria Calcagni and processes over 1,000 tonnes annually, creating dragees, Easter eggs, tablets, bars and much more. The factory is accredited by the most important international certifications (BRC, IFS, UTZ) and for organic productions (ICEA).


This new logo is the result of a deep evaluation and takes inspirations from the cacao pod where one of the beans is replaced by a heart, symbolizing the love and passion in Vittoria’s and here staff’s engagement in their daily activity. (98% of employees are women.)


And it is Vittoria Calcagni herself explaining that the red heart is a caress representing the love of women at work. And going back to her childhood she identifies in that small piece of chocolate had from time to time from mum or nun, the beginning of that positive energy which lead her to a strong marketing plan and now allows the imminent enlargement of the range in all sections, including the launch of a new ‘Vittoria Choc’ line.





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