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from Fresh Plaza

from Fresh Plaza

Besana festeggia 94 anni di attivita' e un'annata record. Ora nuovi investimenti e sviluppo del mercato cinese

Besana Group spa, la Società specialista europea della frutta secca, compie 94 anni e festeggia con un evento internazionale nella bella cornice dello stabilimento "ad alta tecnologia aggiunta" di San Gennaro Vesuviano (NA).

Clicca qui per accedere al fotoreportage.

Il mercato della frutta s...

from Italiafruit news

from Italiafruit news

Besana, 94 anni di sviluppo internazionale [Videointervista di Roberto Della Casa]

 Ieri Besana Group spa , la società di San Gennaro Vesuviano (Napoli) specialista europea della frutta secca, ha festeggiato con un evento internazionale i suoi 94 anni di attività ed il successo di un'annata record. L'evento si è tenuto nella bella "cornice" dello stabilimento di oltre 36.500 mq coperti dotato delle ...

Food Navigator USA

Consumers will eat more seeds less red meat in 2015 dietitians say - By Elizabeth CrawfordElizabeth Crawford, 07-Jan-2015

Seeds and nuts will usurp kale and coconut as the top two superfoods in 2015 as consumers look for on-the-go, nutrient dense foods, according to a survey of 500 registered dietitians conducted by the trade magazine Today’s Dietitian and the public relations agency Pollock Commun...

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Hazelnuts Stir Trouble in the Land of Sweets

The world is in a hazelnut crunch.

Known for their sweet, distinctive flavor and crunchiness, hazelnuts are widely used in high-end chocolate items from pralines to truffles and in Ferrero SpA’s popular Nutella spread. But this year, the $3 billion industry is in turmoil after an unexpected frost in Turkey, supplier of more than 70% of the world’s hazelnu...

Going Nuts Over Nuts

Going Nuts Over Nuts

Just a few ounces of nuts is all it takes to improve glycemic control and exert beneficial effects on cardiovascular and other markers of health. The protective effects on metabolism could be explained by the ability of nuts to regulate inflammation and oxidation.
The last two decades have seen a proliferation of evidence linking tree nutconsumption with a range of health outcomes. Almonds, Brazil ...


Tradizione Italiana


Tradizione Italiana


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