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Going Nuts Over Nuts

Going Nuts Over Nuts

Just a few ounces of nuts is all it takes to improve glycemic control and exert beneficial effects on cardiovascular and other markers of health. The protective effects on metabolism could be explained by the ability of nuts to regulate inflammation and oxidation.
The last two decades have seen a proliferation of evidence linking tree nutconsumption with a range of health outcomes. Almonds, Brazil ...

A new study out from the Harvard group

A new study out from the Harvard group concludes: A handful of nuts per day, as a replacement to less healthful foods and as part of a healthy diet, can help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes.

New award for Pino Calcagni

New award for Pino Calcagni

Pino Calcagni wins the VINACAS Heritage Award 2014
On 16th of May 2014 , the most precious "Vinacas Heritage Award" of the Vietnam Cashew Industry has been solemnly presented to Mr. Pino Calcagni – thanks to his exceptional and deep commitment to the Global and Vietnam Cashew Industries during the past years.
Thanks to the INC and Mr. Pino Calcagni personally, the Global Cashew Council was founded in May 21, 2011 at ...

From Food Business News today

Three occasions define snacking segment

CHICAGO – Product developers should understand the occasions when people snack, said Barbara Katz, president of HealthFocus International. She gave examples of how a company may use certain ingredients to create snacks for three specific occasions in a March 20 session at the Institute of Food Technologists’ Wellness 2014 conference in Chicago.
For a small mea...


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Tradizione Italiana


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