The Italian agro-industrial group “Besana”– the world leader in the production, processing and marketing of nuts, dried fruit and seeds – continues focusing Ukraine as a potential partner for agricultural development through an international program for creation of intensive nut plantations. The first plant of Besana Group was founded in 1921 in San Gennaro Vesuviano near Naples. The company is proud of its century of history and experience in the “nut” of the industry and is today the owner of five factories for processing nuts, dried fruit, seeds and chocolate, active partner suppliers of raw materials from all over the world with an annual volume of processed products to 42 000 tons. In 2018 the turnover of the company exceeded 190 million euros. The idea of the project started in 2014 and rightly so – the demand for different types of nuts is constantly growing. The official data of the International Council for nuts and dried fruit (INC), published in May 2018, argue that the number of consumers of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. is today about 1 billion, but will reach 2 billion by 2030. Ukraine is known worldwide as the “breadbasket of Europe” and could become a key partner of the Italian Group in the growing and industrial processing of nuts and take the leadership in the application of the latest European agricultural technologies. The project focuses primarily on the development of plantings of hazelnuts, but does also include the cultivation of walnut, almond and even pistachios. “The purpose of the project, according to its ideology Pino Calcagni, President of the Besana Group – to increase the production of nuts of high quality varieties that are strongly demanded by the industry. It is an important socio-economic program aimed at the development of the industry and training on innovative agricultural technologies of the local population”. The world leader of hazelnut production, Turkey, in recent years is facing the challenges of aging hazels and lack of manpower. Among the advantages of planting hazelnut we can mention their longevity (over 35 years), simplicity of maintenance and ease of selling the harvest at competitive prices, especially in light of the predictions of a doubling of consumption of nuts in the next 10 years. In the project of cooperation with the company “Besana international” is involved the hazelnut varieties propagated in the laboratories of the Italian way of microcannulae, and thus certified free of virus, with a high level of adaptation on the field and sustainable in a cold climate. For Ukraine, the company has selected industrial guaranteed quality and delicious varieties that are valued in the market: the“Tonda di Giffoni”, the “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” and the “Tonda Gentile Romana”.

The Besana Group is interested in purchasing high quality raw materials. That is why the project is not limited to the supply of planting material. The company offers long-term contracts for the projects “turnkey”, agronomy support, assisting in the selection of agricultural machinery for hazels, as well as the possibility of selling the farm products to the plants of the Group “Besana” and other industrial manufacturers. At the end of last year, Besana has signed a contract with a trading network of food and industrial goods “Silpo” (239 supermarkets in 61 settlements of Ukraine) for the supply of products under the own brands. The projects of Besana aim at uniting efforts for environmentally friendly, sustainable, and secure future.